Custom and Commercial Furniture Painting In the
Naperville, IL Area

IMG_0900Custom Painted Furniture Can Bring a Room to Life

If you are unsure what stain to use with a certain piece of furniture, maybe it is not what you should be using at all. At Wehrli Woodworks in Naperville, our expert team can help you decide if custom and commercial painting might be the better route for your furniture.

We paint furniture, but with our commercial process, we are also set up to paint trim, doors and cabinets. Our custom and commercial painting can provide the perfect enhancement to the interior look of your home.

Our Custom and Commercial Painting Processes

Our custom painting process can help you transform your piece of furniture, and help a room come alive. We help you pick the perfect color designed to bring a fresh style to the piece, and make it pop against its surroundings.

Before we begin the painting process, we sand the piece by hand, removing the previous paint or stain  off the piece. The prepping process for painting is not quite as labor intensive as before staining, so this may be a more affordable option for reusing an older piece of furniture.

The right paint can highlight the character of a piece of furniture and make it the focal point in any room. Before you throw that old piece of furniture away, consider having it painted to go with your decor.

Our commercial painting process can help you to transform the look and feel of any room. Our state of the art spray booth allows Wehrli Woodworks to efficiently produce a great product at a competitive price. We can paint both metal and wood, including doors, trim and cabinets.

Are you looking to change the tone of a room? It may be time to have selected furniture or woodwork repainted. Contact us today, and we can help you get started with the project.

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