Furniture Refinishing Services in the Naperville Area


Your Business’s Furniture Is An Investment In Quality

The Wehrli Woodworks refinishing process is a way to restore an elegant and professional look to your furniture and woodwork. It’s a way to restore existing quality to what you already have. Whether you run a brick and mortar business, or are a builder or remodeler, our refinishing services can help you complete your project.

Commercial Furniture Refinishing

Our commercial refinishing can help businesses such as accountants, lawyers, restaurants, country clubs or banks with bulk refinishing needs. We offer an excellent option to improve the look of your furniture, while extending its life.

Each piece of furniture is taken into our workshop, stripped, sanded, stained to match customer preferences, and sprayed with six coats of lacquer. This is a valuable way to improve the interior look and image of your business through the appeal of the furniture.

Lawyers, accountants and other office-based businesses have conference tables for the centerpiece in a meeting room. If the top of that conference table is ruined, it can be refinished for a fraction of the cost of a new table. This is important because that conference table might help formulate a client’s first impression of your business.

Building Renovation and Restoration

The Chicago area is blessed with beautiful residential architecture of all types. Whether you are a builder, renovator or restoring a home, there are aspects to your project that can be more efficiently accomplished in bulk. 

If you are looking to refinish multiple doors, built-ins, cabinets, wanscotting or trim work, bring it in to Wehrli Woodworks, and we can help you with the refinishing process right in our workshop. Refinishing can be a great way to restore the previous beauty and elegance to an older home.

Are you interested in finding out how refinishing your piece can transform it to its previous glory? Contact us today to find out how we can help!

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