Touch-Up Repairs

Touch Up Furniture Repairs in the Naperville area

Comm_Touch-UpRepair Normal Wear and Tear Instead of Buying New Furniture

Furniture touch ups at Wehrli Woodworks are an affordable alternative to buying new furniture sets. If your business’s doors are open to the public, your furniture will pay the price. Sure your customers need somewhere to sit down and be comfortable, but not everyone will treat your furniture as if it were their own.

Restaurants, country clubs, banks, churches, hotels, nursing homes and funeral homes all have one thing in common – you want your customers to be comfortable while they are under your roof. Depending on the size of your business, this can require significant amounts of furniture. Sometimes replacing it all at once might not be an option – especially when your furniture is flat out abused, and would need to be replaced every year.

When you get dents, scratches or nicks in your tables, desks and chairs, you can simply bring them in for a touch up, versus sinking more money into a new set. New furniture is expensive, and there is no need to replace it every time it gets roughed up. Regularly having damaged furniture touched up is an affordable way to extend the life on the furniture you already have.

What a Furniture Touch Up Looks Like

Each piece of furniture will be cleaned and de-waxed as part of the process. Whatever scratches might be on the piece will be addressed, and any discolorations can be made uniform with a colored lacquer.

The furniture may not quite look like it is coming off a storeroom floor, but the quality is vastly improved, and you extend the life of your furniture. With touch up repairs, you will have furniture that you can use well into the future, and won’t be so vulnerable to public use.

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