Furniture Stripping in the Naperville Area

Restoring Bulk Furniture to Its Original Look

Stripping furniture is a labor-intensive job. It takes hours, and significant muscle power. Very few businesses have the resources and ability to efficiently handle the work in mass quantity. It’s also unpleasant, and requires large amounts of time spent around toxic chemicals needed to adequately remove the finish.

You’re busy running your own business, so why not hire a professional woodworking company for stripping your furniture?

Building management companies, associations, contractors, painters, refinishers all have the need to occasionally need large amounts of wood stripped.

Wehrli Woodworks has the capability to efficiently strip doors, cabinets, furniture or anything else that can be removed and brought back to the shop.

Comm_StrippingWhat Our Stripping Process Looks Like

Stripping large amounts of furniture or woodwork requires large amounts of time, space and effort. If you are running an organization that routinely deals with the public, these constraints can be problematic for this type of project.

Wehrli Woodworks is set up to be able to handle large amounts of doors, woodwork or furniture stripping. We are able to place your furniture in a machine that utilizes a solvent-based stripper, and can remove the paint or stain within a matter of minutes. The piece rotates to evenly remove the coat.

Because the process is so quick, the piece does not become saturated like it would with furniture dipping. There is no damage, only energy saved. After exiting the machine, the furniture is left to dry.

For an affordable price, we can easily save you large amounts of time and effort, leaving you to do what you do best – run your business.

Would you like to learn more about having bulk amounts of furniture or woodwork stripped? You can restore it back to its original condition. Find out more today

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