Upholstery Services in the Naperville Area

Commercial_Upholstry.pngHas Your Furniture Lost Its Comfort?

Just like the wood portion of your furniture, the upholstery undergoes the usual amounts of wear and tear – especially with frequent and rough usage. Wehrli Woodworks can help ensure your furniture receives the care it deserves in order to keep it serviceable.

Restaurants, hotels, country clubs, funeral homes, bars, banks and other high traffic businesses typically have a lot of upholstered furniture out at one time, and might need to occasionally have them upholstered. Interior designers and other professions that might deal with bulk amounts of furniture can also benefit from commercial upholstering.

Some pieces that need to be re-upholstered on a regular basis include: stools, chairs, couches, booths, or any other piece that involves fabric and foam.

Having furniture upholstered in bulk can be an expensive proposition, and what your business needs is a company that can professionally do the job while keeping your budget constraints in mind. It can be better to take care of your existing furniture, and keep it serviceable, versus the constant need to replace it.

What Our Upholstery Services Look Like

Each item will be stripped of its original fabric and foam. We replace the foam and fabric with brand new materials to bring the piece as close to its original form as possible. If the springs need to be replaced, that can be done as well.

We can do the research, and purchase a wide variety of fabrics, so the customer just needs to make the decision of what type of materials they want used on the piece.

Do you want to learn more about ensuring that your furniture keeps its original form? Contact Werhli Woodworks today, and we can talk with you about your project.

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